A satellite, representing GPS capability


Sigfox has proven to be an excellent connectivity solution for GPS trackers. Its low power requirement means much longer battery life, allowing devices to last for months or years without recharging. While this is a major improvement on many devices that use traditional cellular networks to connect to the cloud, HidnSeek wanted to take their product offerings one step further and created the solar powered DigiTraq PV.

The Challenge

  • Track assets with a low-maintenance solution
  • Maintain low cost for potential wide-scale rollouts
  • Cope with roaming assets
A Sigfox connected GPS tracker, the DigiTraq PV

The Solution

With built-in solar cells, the DigiTraq PV is intended for outdoor uses and never needs to be recharged. It allows companies and individuals to track important items, such as sailboats and construction equipment, without the hassle of changing or recharging batteries. The device is automatically connected to the cloud anywhere there is a Sigfox network, making it easy to setup and install.

DigiTraq PV will sleep until it detects motion, at which point it will send its GPS location every 10 minutes. This start/stop function also allows businesses to monitor how frequently equipment is being used. A geofencing option allows users to draw boundaries on a map, causing an alert to be triggered when the tracker leaves the area.

In addition to the start and stop, tracking and geofencing features, the DigiTraq PV also senses temperature.

Why Sigfox?

Wide Coverage

Sigfox is the world’s leading provider of low-power, wide-area connectivity, with a presence in 26 countries. The ability to connect while roaming is critical for tracking devices. Sigfox provides the most extensive low-bandwidth network dedicated to the Internet of Things (IoT), and devices can freely roam in any country that has a network.

Low Cost

Sigfox is optimized for simple sensors and devices that need to send only small amounts of information. Since it’s a low-bandwidth network, you aren’t paying for unnecessary capacity, which keeps costs much lower than traditional connectivity options, such as cellular.


The DigiTraq PV allows you to track your valuables without ever changing or recharging a battery. It’s ideal for boats, farm equipment, industrial equipment and anything else that gets a good view of the sky, both for GPS and solar charging purposes. In many devices on the market, a compromise is made between the amount of data sent and battery life. To prolong the battery, fewer messages are sent over the network. With the DigiTraq PV, there’s no need to limit the data in order to preserve energy. As a result, it is able to send the maximum 140 messages a day, providing increased accuracy.

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