An Post Procure Innovative Tracking Solution from Sigfox Ireland channel partner: VT-IoT

An Post Procure Innovative Tracking Solution from Sigfox Ireland channel partner: VT-IoT

An Post, the leading mails, parcels and ecommerce logistics company in Ireland, has contracted VT-IoT, to revolutionise their supply chain with Sigfox enabled IoT tracking devices as part of their innovative and fast-moving digital transformation strategy. The solution provided by VT-IoT uses the nationwide Sigfox 0G network in Ireland operated and managed by Sigfox Ireland.   

As masters of delivery, An Post Mails & Parcels is rapidly changing from the old world of traditional letters to the new world of ecommerce parcel logistics and B2B services for Irish and international businesses. An Post runs Ireland’s largest fleet, including the country’s largest fleet of electric vehicles.  It recently opened its new fully automated Dublin Parcel Hub (pictured) and its operational infrastructure includes thousands of returnable transport units such as roll cages and containers.

To provide an efficient and cost-effective service, An Post require a systematically integrated operational process. Thousands of roll cages and containers which transport the parcels must be available every day in the required quantities in the Company’s mails hubs across the country.

With the advance of revolutionary Internet of Things (IoT) technology, VT are providing An Post with the solution they need to optimise their supply chain. Smart tracking devices empower An Post to monitor the location of their assets nationwide, even outside their own supply chain. Using the Sigfox 0G network technology, has eliminated the barriers associated with traditional tracking technologies: price, battery life and coverage, by providing low cost, low power connectivity over a single global network available in more than 70 countries today.

“VT’s state-of-the-art solution has resulted in significantly increased transparency in our postal distribution network, ensuring world class quality of service for our customers and lower operational costs through improved containerisation efficiency”, explains Mark Devine, National Engineering Maintenance & Performance Manager, An Post

Our collaboration with An Post is an exciting step forward into the future of industrial IoT and a key milestone toward connecting billions of IoT devices globally on the Sigfox 0G network. We are confident our solutions have the power to truly revolutionise the way logistics and supply chain companies do business, resulting in significantly reduced costs and increased efficiencies.” Mark Bannon, CEO, VT

“We are delighted to enable VT to provide IoT Solutions that are helping transform Postal and Supplychains in Ireland and across the globe.  The Sigfox network has no roaming fees or complex provisioning meaning devices can move seamlessly from county to country empowering global use cases, especially important to supply chain”. Will Ferguson, Managing Director, Sigfox Ireland

About VT: VT is a pioneer of IoT solutions within the Supply Chain, Postal, Remote & Grid Monitoring markets. Our purpose is to empower our enterprise users to digitally transform their business models and operations through our leading-edge device to cloud 0G solutions. 

About An Post: An Post provides world-class mails, e-commerce parcels, financial and communications services to national and international business.  It delivers two million items of mail to 2.2 million address points nationwide every working day, as well as evening and weekend parcels deliveries.

About Sigfox Ireland: Sigfox Ireland owns and operates the Sigfox 0G telecoms network in Ireland. The Sigfox Internet of Things network, is a nationwide and global telecoms network dedicated to connecting objects, sensors & ‘things’ that require very low amounts of bandwidth and data. The Sigfox 0G Network in rolled out nationally in over 72 countries.