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Connecting Ireland's Internet of Things
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Connecting Ireland's
Internet of Things

Using Sigfox technology, VT provides an affordable, energy-efficient and simple network for the sensors and devices that make up the Internet of Things (IoT). Learn more about our technology.

Low Power

Our network is the most energy efficient on the market, allowing device batteries to last up to 300 times longer than those using traditional networks, such as cellular and wifi.

Low Cost

VT is the most affordable way to power an IoT device in Ireland, with connectivity costs that are 10 times lower than traditional cellular networks.

Long Range

The network is nationwide, including +50km out to sea, and has deep indoor and underground coverage in most areas.

Reliable & Secure

Our network has built-in redundancies and security. Unlike other solutions, it can’t be compromised by cell signal jammers.

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What can VT connect?

Agriculture & Environment

VT’s Sigfox connectivity is perfect for use in smart farming, such as environmental sensors, livestock tracking, security and more. Nationwide connectivity means that data can be sent from anywhere, even out in the fields.

Smart Home

There are many applications for Sigfox connectivity within the home, including leak detection, smart smoke detectors, home security and much more.

Business & Industry

Sigfox can be used throughout businesses, from monitoring energy consumption in a factory to tracking items along the supply chain. There have even been Sigfox-enabled envelopes, which can be tracked an also send an alert when opened.

Smart City

Many cities are now making smart technology a priority. Sigfox connectivity can be used to optimize trash collection routes, provide early flood warning, monitor air quality and much more.

Remote Metering

Sigfox can be used to retrieve meter readings remotely, eliminating the need for site visits. This can range from electricity meters to measuring an reporting the amount of heating oil left in a tank.

Health & Supportive Living

With an ageing population, streamlining health care and allowing seniors to stay in their own homes is critical. Fall monitors and checkins for home care staff are just a couple of the ways Sigfox can help.

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Global Network

Sigfox, World leader in connectivity services in the Internet of Things (IoT), is already present in 60 countries and on all continents.

It is the only LPWA network and a global and homogeneous ecosystem, offering a single access and a common infrastructure.