About Us

VT is the exclusive operator of the Sigfox network in Ireland. This nationwide Internet of Things (IoT) network provides the lowest power, lowest cost connectivity for the most common use of connected objects — simple sensors and devices. We are part of the global Sigfox network which allows businesses to connect objects under one network and one contract. Our technology and commitment to innovation redefines traditional connectivity business models, enabling you to connect your solution on a global scale.


2rn logo, VT Networks' infrastructure partner

About 2RN

2RN, the engineering branch of RTE, is our infrastructure partner and an equity stakeholder in VT. Through the expertise and excellent infrastructure of 2RN, VT was able to provide connectivity to 97% of Ireland in eight months. 2RN owns the base stations that provide broadcast signals across the nation.


About Sigfox

Sigfox owns the technology that makes this kind of low-power, low-cost network possible. They maintain the cloud and core network through global operating centres, while partnering with local operators in each country to roll out networks. There are currently Sigfox networks in 32 countries, with expansion ongoing.