Frequently Asked Questions

What can I connect with Sigfox?

Sigfox technology is ideal for simple sensors and devices that require low bandwidth, long battery and low cost. It is not suitable for rich media like photos and video, but has many applications with sensors and GPS tracking. It can also be used to complement other types of connectivity, as it provides a robust connection that is all but impossible to jam.

Our Ecosystem

What is Sigfox?

 Sigfox is the world’s leading provider of global, simple, affordable and energy-efficient connectivity and services for the Internet of Things (IoT). Sigfox technology is optimized for simple sensors and devices, which are providing revolutionary solutions that impact industry, agritech, medical technology, the home and much more. Sigfox partners with local operators, who run their networks in other countries while they maintain the cloud and core network. There are currently networks being developed in 45 countries, and Sigfox provides detailed coverage information on their website. 

What is VT?

VT is the Sigfox network operator in Ireland. Along with our infrastructure partner RTE 2rn, we maintain the network and work to develop the IoT ecosystem in Ireland through business development, working with universities, public education and more. VT partners with manufacturers, developers, system integrators and start-ups to provide connectivity for the solutions they provide. 

Where can I get Sigfox-enabled products?

Our team of IoT experts are always happy to discuss use cases and can suggest appropriate best in class devices. Alternatively if there is an existing SIGFOX solution for your need, you will find it here. Contact the provider for purchasing details. If you don’t see the right solution for you, contact us at to discuss your needs. 

Sigfox Functionalities

Does Sigfox work indoors?

Sigfox has excellent indoor and outdoor range, making it ideal for applications both in rural areas and urban environments. Some Sigfox-powered smart utility meters are even connected from underground, but individual device performance will depend on the conditions.  

Does GPS work with Sigfox

Yes, GPS devices will work on Sigfox, sending periodic pings of their location for tracking purposes, as well as their final location when they stop moving. This format allows for better device battery life of between 5-8 years for most tracking solutions. 

Does Sigfox work while in motion?

While the ideal scenario for Sigfox is a stationary object, it is capable of supporting mobile applications, such as GPS trackers, and tests have shown good performance while moving.  

Can Sigfox provide both uplink and downlink?

Yes, while devices can be set to automatically speak to the cloud at certain intervals, directions can also be sent from the cloud to the device. However, developers have the option of choosing to use only downlink communication, which helps to extend battery life in devices.  

How reliable and secure is the network?

Sigfox is extremely difficult to jam, and redundancy is built in to provide a reliable connection. Over 2.5 million alarms in Spain are connected over Sigfox because of its anti-jamming capability. Significant redundancy is built into the network. Most devices are covered by three or more base stations, and each device will send its data in triplicate, on three different frequencies.  

The Cloud

How is my data stored?

Object data is stored on the Sigfox cloud for one year, due to legal obligation. During that period, data is accessible and can be retrieved via GUI access or API request. For end users, products usually come with an app or web platform to manage data and devices.  

How can I access my data?

 Data is stored within the Sigfox cloud and can be accessed via the Sigfox cloud portal,, or on demand through an API query to Sigfox cloud. 

What resources are available to developer?

Sigfox Build is an all inclusive site with everything you need from getting started, to prototyping and eventual Sigfox certification. This is a free resource and is a link for you directly to the Sigfox support team. Just follow the link 

How do I get connectivity for my devices?

Sigfox Buy is an easy to use site where you can connect your devices and make them come to life! This site also provides access to a coverage check for your area and details on your local support Sigfox operator. For more information visit

Still have questions? Contact us for a comprehensive Sigfox FAQ.


If you are developing a Sigfox product or associated software platform, visit the Developer Portal.


How do I connect my objects?


Buy a developers’ kit or Sigfox-enabled radio chip from one of our store or one of our certified partners.


Integrate a module into your device to provide full Sigfox capability. Modules are now available for as little as $2 in Europe.


Purchase connectivity through VT. Contact us to determine the best solution for you and to activate a subscription.


Once you have activated a subscription through VT, turn your device on and it will automatically have a connection. No need to pair or go through complicated setup.

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