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Major Announcements made by Sigfox at Connect 2019 in Singapore

By December 3, 2019Uncategorized

Sigfox to Support a Billion Devices by 2023

With 16 million devices expected to be connected to its network by the end of this year, Sigfox is on track for having 1 billion devices connected by 2023. This will be facilitated by enhancing its network connectivity for the Internet of Things (IoT) and the announcement of new deployments, modules and partners at its third annual event for its partner ecosystem and customers in Singapore last month.

Launch of Private Area Network (PAN)

The major announcement from Sigfox at Connect 2019 was the launch of its new Private Area Network (PAN). This offering gives businesses a choice between a private or global service depending on their needs. It means customers can avail of their own dedicated network, with the associated assurances about data privacy and security. PAN customers can choose to subscribe to an additional ‘WAN extension’ if required to enable device communication outside the local network.

Enhancing the accuracy of its Atlas geolocation services

Launched in January 2017, Atlas Native is the Sigfox geolocation service. It’s available for every device equipped with even the simplest Sigfox module.  To further improve the accuracy of its geolocation services, Sigfox has completed the global rollout of Atlas WiFi in partnership with the mapping experts at HERE Technologies. Atlas Native Complimentary, as the name suggests, is offered free in exchange for data processing rights of GPS location data.

Partnership with Amadeus for travel industry asset tracking

A strategic alliance called PinPoint will see Amadeus combine its knowledge of the travel industry with Sigfox’s expertise in IoT. PinPoint aims to deliver an end-to-end tracking solution for the air transport industry to allow a control tower view of things such as luggage and high-value assets. This will reduce the high financial losses arising from missing assets in addition to preventing traveller dissatisfaction.

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