A motorcycle on the side of the road, which can be tracked using a SIGFOX-enabled GPS device


Both companies and individuals can take advantage of asset tracking to protect their investments. These devices can let them know how often an asset — such as a car or piece of construction equipment — is being used, when it’s being used, if it has left a predetermined area and help locate it if it’s stolen.

There are a variety of SIGFOX-enabled GPS trackers currently on the market, including one by Traqueur, which was installed on 15,000 motorbikes in France. In a year, 16 of those motorbikes were stolen. Fifteen were located and returned to their owner, while the 16th was also tracked and found, but had been dismantled.

The Challenge

  • Providing a GPS tracker that has a long battery life

  • Creating a device that can be concealed and still offer accurate GPS locations

  • Keeping hardware and service costs low

The components of a STICKNTRACK maritime, which can be used to track boats

The Solution

While there are many SIGFOX-enabled tracking solutions available, one option is the STICKNTRACK by Sensolus.

The device is a GPS and accelerometer, so it can detect its position and also when it starts and stops moving. This helps to preserve battery life, as the STICKNTRACK won’t send GPS locations until it detects movement. Once it detects movement in a similar direction for 10 seconds, it will send a “start” message through the SIGFOX network. This prevents it from activating when bumped. While in motion, the device will send its location every 20 minutes. It also sends a message when the device stops moving.

The STICKNTRACK has settings for when it is installed with a clear sky view, when it is concealed and when used on a boat. When used for maritime applications, the STICKNTRACK has a magnetic compass that helps to account for normal drift and rolling on waves, preventing unnecessary GPS pings that would drain the battery.


Simple Installation

STICKNTRACK comes out of the box already connected to the internet and does not require professional installation. It includes a simple web interface to review the data collected by your tracker.

Long Battery Life

The device has several settings to optimize its performance. In optimal conditions — where the device has a clear view of the sky — the AA batteries can last up to five years. When running in concealed mode, such as when the device is hidden in the boot of a car, the batteries can last for up to three years.

Strong and Secure

The module is designed for rugged conditions and when properly mounted is protected against dust and water jets (IP66), while the network has built-in security and redundancy. The SIGFOX network can’t be block by cellular signal jammers, unlike many traditional anti-theft systems.


The Benefits

SIGFOX-enabled GPS trackers allow businesses and individuals to keep track of their important items, like cars, boats, and even pallets being shipped. New trackers are constantly in development, including personal trackers for hikers and those participating in extreme sports.


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