Loiret logo, the place in France where Lysbox was implemented


In June 2014, Z#bre and SIGFOX partnered with the General Council of Loiret in France to provide 10,000 Lysbox units to elderly residents, all at no charge. The Lysbox helps families and care groups monitor what is happening in the home of vulnerable residents, including temperature fluctuations and visits from support workers. It is also known as Z#Link, but was given the name Lysbox specifically for the Loiret deployment.

The Challenge

  • Provide a low-cost, simple solution to help monitor vulnerable residents
  • Assist Loiret and home-care companies in monitoring progress of caregivers, which also ensures accurate billing
  • Provide flexible, adaptive solution

The Solution

The Lysbox (also known as Z#Link) is a small station that sits near the entrance of an elderly resident’s home. It doesn’t require an electrical source or internet connection, and operates on a battery that can last up to two years.

The device was rolled out in the homes of seniors receiving the Personal Autonomy Allowance in Loiret France. The program is designed to help keep seniors in their homes, and Loiret pays home-care and service agencies directly.

The Lysbox is a contactless card reader that allows caregivers to tap their identification card upon entering the home, letting family members and the home-care company know they have arrived. It can also be adapted and scaled for other uses, such as sending out messages when Meals on Wheels has delivered. In addition to the contactless card reader, the device monitors the temperature in the home and notifies family members of heatwaves or cold snaps so that action can be taken to protect the vulnerable resident. A button on the device sends a pre-determined message to the user’s person of choice. The module is a “set it and forget it” option, which will send a notification when the battery is running low or if other issues arise. 

Z#LINK, a telehealth IoT device that is used for assisted living


Strong Indoor Signal & No Internet Needed

Operating on the SIGFOX ultra narrowband network means that the user doesn’t need an internet connection in their home for the device to work. The network operates on a low-frequency radio wave, which allows for excellent indoor service. Some SIGFOX devices have even sent signals from underground. 

Easy and Energy Efficient

SIGFOX is a low-power network, allowing devices to operate on batteries for years, instead of requiring regular charging. This means the Lysbox doesn’t require an electrical outlet. Loiret was able to post activated Lysboxes straight to homes, completely eliminating installation or setup requirements. It is connected to the network out of the box and only requires space on a table or counter.

Saved Annually


The Lysbox allows home-care companies, the council and family members to keep track of the care an elderly person is receiving, while also providing temperature alerts and a panic button. Use of the box ensures accurate billing to the city and prevents artificial inflation of care hours. This led to €3 million in annual savings for Loiret.


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